Online Shopping

At D&J shipping we provide affordable online shopping services. We take the hassle out of online shopping with our expertise in finding the right products at the best prices.   

We require a minimum of 75% of the item's cost as a down payment in addition to it's shipping fees. The balance must be paid upon pick up of item.

Online shopping overs a better and larger variety of products, better prices and most of all you never have to worry about the store closing. Online stores are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Distance and cost are no longer obstables for you when looking for the products you need.

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Customers have the option of of having their quotations delivered. Don't delay if you need information on the cost to ship any parcel call us today
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Barrel Service

D&J Shipping makes your life easier with our door to door barrel service. With over 30 years experience in the industry we provide a very efficient and cost effective service to meet all cuntomers. We are globally connected as such barrels can be picked up anywhere in the USA.  

Moving Service

Thinking about moving? Let D&J Shipping take the hassle out of you having to relocate. We are prepared to visit your home and pack items as well, our staff is well trained and is very capable of taking care of your prized possesions. Don't delay call us today for more information!